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Quote Emotes by Graphic Recorder Emily LaScola -- a Unique Age2Age offering.  

Each illustration is done on-site during a workshop or conference, capturing key themes & quotes. 

The images below are graphic recordings of thought-bytes from serveral sessions at  the American Society on Aging 2018 Aging in America Conference, and the Second Annual Joint Summit of the American Society on Aging & the American Planning Association. 

These Emotes are Emily’s Gifts to the World.

You are welcome to download and use these illustrations for you own good work!

Age2Age’s intention is that these illustrations be freely used, without any revenue generated by us or by others.  So, instead of copyrighting the Emotes, we are using the “Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 4.0 International License.”

This gives you permission to use Emily’s Emotes to further your mission, as long as you:

      • Give Age2Age attribution 
      • Do not use the illustrations for commercial purposes.  

More Information about Creative Commons: