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Age-Friendly Projects, Cities & Communities 



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Working for All Ages & Stages

About Us

Age2Age has been guiding clients to envision design and launch Age-Friendly projects across multiple disciplines and business sectors since 2007.

Age2Age is a national consulting practice

with offices in Silicon Valley CA & Lancaster PA


  • Supports forward-focused organizations' projects to align with the      World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Program.

  • Produces conferences, keynotes and workshops that showcase the challenges – and the  opportunities – of the aging demography.

  • Connects people and possibilities so we can live great lives

                                                                                          … as long as we live!


       The Eight Domains of the World Health Organization's

            Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Framework 

  What We Do


Age2Age expands the spectrum of age-friendly housing options by introducing and customizing elements  of traditional retirement communities & services, cohousing and  shared living to develop affordable models that support older adults and create vibrant communities!  


Age2Age builds  multi-disciplinary teams to envision, design and  launch cross-sector, intergenerational projects aligned with the principles of 

WHO's  Age-Friendly Cities

and Communities Programmme. 


Age2Age produces conferences, forums and human-centered design workshops that

inform, inspire and ignite

multi-stakeholder collaboration.

 Who We Are 

Christine Kennedy  

Founder & Senior Projects Manager

Christine Kennedy is a nationally recognized thought leader in aging-in-place, an expert in emerging models of housing, and an evangelist of the World Health Organization’s  Age-Friendly Cities and Communities Program.

Chris draws on her six careers that span urban planning, telecom and high tech, in roles that include grants manager, lobbyist, parent and account executive.  With 17 years of projects, presentations and networking in the field of aging, Chris is well-regarded by colleagues and clients.

As a dynamic keynote speaker and an expert facilitator of cross-discipline convenings, she energizes innovation by skillfully connecting people and ideas in forums that stimulate collaborative thinking.

Age2Age Associates

Subject matter experts from multiple professions are collaborative partners with Age2Age.  Areas of expertise include:  gerontology, home health, urban & financial planning, and graphic recording,  as well as architects, builders & community operators. 

Clients Served 

“It is surprising that Lancaster is such hotbed for retirement, and yet this is one of the first times we are having this conversation.  This is an enormous opportunity to utilize the wealth of knowledge that we have in this County!”

- Marshall  Snively, President, Lancaster City Alliance -

at the Age-Friendly Lancaster PA Summit

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